Two Beggars Products

Collars and Leashes

Colorful matching collars and leashes


Many fabrics and patterns including holiday and special occasion like Christmas and Halloween. They are reversible and have a reflective glow-in-the-dark strip. These can be custom made to your taste. 

Embroidery: Bandanas can be embroidered with any words or themes. Contact me to discuss your preferences!

Pet Jackets (PEI only for now)

All jackets are custom made with your dog's measurements and with the style and fabrics of your choosing. There are several styles to choose from ranging from simple under the belly and chest with Velcro closure, pullover or more detailed. These can have hoods, sleeves, extra lining, reversible fleece, waterproof with fleece, flannels etc.

If you would like your dog's measurements done, please contact me to set up a no charge appointment.

Embroidery: Most jackets can be embroidered with your pet's name. Contact me to discuss your preferences!

Quilty Mats & Bed Covers

Premade and made to order, the Bed Covers are designed to cover existing pet beds. 

Quilty Mats are thinner than a bed and thicker than a blanket. They are great for rolling up and throwing in the car to take with you travelling or camping or wherever! Or throw them around the house in your pet's favorite spots.

Cat mats are much like the Quilty Mats, but they have some catnip sewed in for added fun!

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Paw Wax

Protect delicate paws from salt and the elements with Two Beggars Paw Wax.  Paws get dry and itchy. Paw wax leaves them soothed and soft for days!  In a deodorant stick type container, it's easy to apply.  

Doggie Swag - ​Flowers, Tux ties, Bowties, and Neckties

Flowers, Tux ties, Bowties, and Neckties

Flowers are handmade from various fabrics, buttons and beads.

We have ties for all occasions. Tux ties are for those special times: weddings, graduations or family pictures. These slip on over their own existing collar. They can also be made to have a Velcro closure if you prefer no collar. These can be custom ordered.

The regular neckties also slip on over the collar and can be special ordered with any pattern.

Pet Sympathy Cards

Generalized cards are premade.  If you wish to order a personalized card, it can include the pet's name, gender or other information specific to the pet.

 Its means so much to people when the passing of a beloved family member is acknowledged.

Pillow Covers

Embroidered pillow covers for pet lovers.

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